Saturday, March 22, 2008

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter. I am really looking forward to the day. We will have 11 adults and Baby Shayla and Baby Jaidyn here for a late lunch after church. The menu is (2)baked turkey breast, chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, broc/cauliflower salad, green beans, corn, butter beans, cottage cheese, rolls, deviled eggs, Texas sheet cake, Jello cake and cookie dough cheesecake. I will post the recipe to the cheesecake after we have tried it. This is a recipe passed along from a friend of Mark's and I want to make sure we havent messed it up before I share it. BUT man it smelllllllllls yummy. I really enjoy everyone coming here. Just wish the house was a bit bigger to make everyone more comfortable. But we manage and everyone is used to it. We are blessed with a secure warm home and I shouldnt complain. Hopefully the weather will permit and we can have an Easter Egg hunt with Shayla outside. I have it all ready. Candy, animal crackers, lil toys and change in plastic eggs, with story books and some other goodies she will love. Next year Jaidyn will get to play too! :o)
I have a couple of fun things I am working on. Hopefully I will be sharing them with you next week. And I still owe some tagging! Everyone have a sweet day tomorrow.


hellanol said...

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