Friday, March 07, 2008

I am on a painting frenzy if you cannot tell. :o) And my Etsy shelves are getting quite full.

I do everything in spits and spats creating wise. This is my painting phase. It is my first love so to speak crafting wise. Where I got started doing this fulltime so many years ago. Right now I am on a bird, rabbit and gardening roll. Just sooooo ready for spring! On Wednesday we had 50-60 temps and pure sunshine. Today we are under a winter storm warning with 5-8-inches of snow expected! We have probably about 2 or more right now. It is so pretty to watch it fall. And it wont last forever. I mean surely the kidlets will not be hunting eggs in the snow. BUT they have done it before. The crazy weather and temp changing are playing havoc with my body (and everyone else's) like crazy! So...that is my whining. Your turn now...LOL


Kimberly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. We too are under a snow warning. It's been snowing all day, and still snowing. Not sure how much we have gotten, or when it will stop, but they are saying possibly even up to 7". It's no telling what we will wake up to. I'll be sure to post some photos tomorrow, if possible. The road is now getting bad too; and there are many wrecks being reported. I'm ready for spring!!!

CONNIE W said...

Hi Angela...I see that my friend Kimberly left a comment here. She and I have been friends for many years and she is precious.
The snow is so beautiful that I'm going to try to appreciate it for I do believe that spring is not long away. I love snow, but I dislike the inconveniences that occur because of it.
I hope that your health improves.
Your painting is lovely, you are quite talented.