Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Two finished wool applique projects. Both are actually approx the same size 26 x 32-inches. That pillow took a ton of stuffing. I did these two projects earlier in the month and forgot to post pics. Am still working on my coin purses. Started 22 wool and homespun coasters too. Simple and primitive. I like to have a lot of hand work in my to-go bag. Take it to the hospital and dr office while I am waiting on my treatments and tests. Makes the time go so much faster. I read sometimes. But NEVER anything found in a waiting room! There are sick people there you know with their own cooties. LOL I have enough of my own. So always have something at the ready to take with me.
I changed up my page again. I enjoying doing the html part of it. As soon as I found the stitching girl, I knew she was going to be my logo. Am planning new changes on my website, The Country Cellar, next. I have had the same web design for about a year now, so time for a change. I am trying to get my sisters to blog so I can make up their pages too. LOL
We have sunshine and blue/grey skies today. But sunshine is a very good thing! I stirred about and did some housework today it made me so happy. Mark said he knew I would be up and going when he got home just because the sun was out. :o)
Have a sunny day wherever you are!


May Britt said...

The flower basket is so nice. Lovely colours. I always have a small project in my bag when I go somewhere. Because you never now when you have to wait.

Angie said...

LOVE both of those wool pieces, girl!! I need to get my act together and do some prep work so I can just applique when I sit down. :) I'm trying!!! And your Stitcher at the top is wonderful! I know nothing about html, etc. :c But on my Bloglines list, your logo shows up as , hmmmm, how to put this, code? Maybe? NOt The Country Cellar like it did before.

Pam said...

The wool applique pieces are wonderful. Very cute.

I am absolutely terrified of the HTML stuff. You are so brave, I wish I had a bit of a clue about it - but I think it's too late for me.