Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am back! LOL Not that I have really been gone. I gotta went into my "winter cocoon" after the Holidays. Maybe you take spells like that too? When you just kinda burrow in and arent as social as usual. Nothing is actually wrong, you just feel kinda wonky for a bit. Anyways, that spell is over. I wasnt in bed with the covers over my head the entire time! Been spending quite a bit of time in my playhouse. Here are some pics of the lil quiltlets and table mats I have made since Christmas. My plan is to set up a clothes line in my booth to display some of the on. I have some of the old clothes pins without springs I am going to try to use. I use brass mini safety pins on the back for hangers. This makes it easy if someone wishes to use them as a table/or candle mat.

I made a total of 13 for starters. None hard, just fun stuff. I am moving on now to work on dolls I think. My booth in the antique mall is quite lacking in merchandise and I am working towards a spring craft and folk art show also. Will bounce about in my crafting and quilting. At least we never get bored eh?

I wanted to thank everyone who has sent me emails about my health. That is so sweet and appreciated. I am off chemo now, so yay for that. Just take everything a day at a time.


Anonymous said...

Yea!!!!! No more chemo!! I'm sooo happy for your, girlfriend! Those candle/table mats are absolutely adorable ... and gorgeous!! I want to make some RIGHT NOW LOL. Your niece is absolutely precious! I have a question: where do you buy your floss/pearl cotton? And in the numbering of pearl cotton--is, like, 8 larger than 12--or just the opposite? I really need some pearl cotton, and I like the balls, so thought you might be able to point me in a direction for a source. :)

Anonymous said...

Reading your post was a breath of fresh air. "Chemo" followed by a long silence is scary for yer readers. I'm thankful you're okay. And the quiltlets are darling. Welcome back.