Friday, January 19, 2007

My sewing machine is mad at me. I think she is trying to go on strike! Was birdnesting horribly tonight. Then that stopped and the tension went all wonky. Then that stopped and it started birdnesting again. Her insides have been cleaned, oiled so much it took 2 days to drain, and new needle. I am sad cause we usually have a very nice relationship. I never bang her or thump it. Yell or talk rudely. I tell her all the time that I am happy with her. That I dont need a "big girl fancy smancy machine". We have the same simple tastes and are perfect for each other. I shined her up nicely and came in from my playhouse. sighhhhhhhh I hope she misses me and will play nicely with me tomorrow.


Screen Door said...

Change your thread, both top and bottom. Sometimes it helps...I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Angie said...

Girl, what in the world were you doing up at 3 o'clock in the morning (that's night to me LOL)???? I agree, try rethreading top and bottom. I hope she decides she's missing you and will cooperate again soon! Maybe she just needed a rest from the Christmas rush (like me only I didn't do any rushing this year LOL). BTW, your sister is the best to take the time to write out that recipe for me!! Hugs to that girl...I'm off to the store shortly so her timing was perfect!

Aunt Jenny said...

awww...I think sometimes mine is mad at me too...I hope yours has a change of heart and behaves tomorrow..maybe the "time out" will do her good!!
I loved reading your blog!!