Monday, January 15, 2007

Thank you for all the birthday wishes in emails and comments. Family and friends were so good to me! Much too good I am sure.
To Beta or not to Beta. I would like to be able to reply to comments. Sometimes it shows up anonymous with no email :o( Does Beta allow the comments? I have sent out an inquiry, but no reply from them yet. That is the only benefit I would see from all the bother. Appreciate any feedback on this one.
I am in baking mode. Well actually in eating mode I guess! LOL Mixed up a batch of sourdough bread starter tonight. I actually do not need another pet or dependent, but it just sounds sooooo yummy. Had thought to start Amish Friendship Bread also, but then came to my senses! I will be doing good to remember to feed and walk(stir) one starter, let alone two. This bread is just so good with soup and we eat lots of soup. Tomorrow we are having chili actually. My sis Debbie made broccoli/cheese/potato soup for my birthday party. Very yummy.
Everyone stay dry and warm.


Nancy said...

Some home-made bread sounds yummy right about now. I haven't made any in ages. Am thinking perhaps this weekend . . . . And maybe some vegetable soup, too!