Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday crazies

 Here is a pic of my room. Everything is stacked and ready to be packed into our vehicle. Penny and I will be vendoring this weekend at the Fiber Event at Greencastle, Indiana. It is the largest fiber show in the state. Debbie is riding shotgun. So it will be a great sister weekend.

 Here are four of my lil' mousie pincushions. I wanted to get more made, but glad for these being done! They turned out cute. A tad fiddly, but fun. The mousie is wool, the tomato is lightly stained cotton polkydots. I know some of you love you some red polkydots. The tails are black wire.
 And since I haven't posted pics of my boys lately. Here is Timmy sleeping (but mommy disturbed him) with his puppy. So cute. He loves it.
And this is our good boy. Toby is such the best doggie. Except when we eat pizza. He goes nuts! He recognizes the word even. Whimpers and acts out a sight, even barks! And Toby does NOT bark. Ever. Unless he reallllllllly has to go make a potty and we need to go quickquick (as Jaidy says). So yes, we have decided his freakishly long legs comes from a long lost relative who was an Italian greyhound. :o)
No pic for this, but praise the Lord the roofing is over. Our house and detached garage both had to be replaced due to hail and wind damage. They are cleaning up outside even as I type. So yayaya for that. And a thank God for Farm Bureau Insurance. They came through for us!
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I hope to take some good photos to share with you next week from the show. ~Angela


Conni said...

Aren't those the CUTEST pincushions! I'm only sorry that I won't be able to make the Fiber Show so I could snatch them up! Glad the roofing is done, and your home can be quiet again. Blessings to you and Penny over the weekend...and Debbie Jo, too!!

Allie said...

Oh sweetie those mouse pincushions are beyond cute - so precious!!! I hope you have a wonderful show! Your babies are way too cute, love Timmy with his puppy!

Vickie said...

What do you mean taking them to sell at a show. I would like to preorder one of those cuties for Retreat. Love, love, love them.

Vickie said...

What do you mean taking them to sell at a show. I would like to preorder one for the Retreat. Those are cute, cute, cute. Actually, I need three cause I need to bring back gifties and those are perfect.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Well, if Vickie doesn't get them all, I want to buy a mouse pincushion, please and thank you. They are AAAdorable!
So glad your house and garage are back in shape; spring storms have been "something else" this year, eh?
God speed on your journey to the fiber festival; have fun and be safe.

Laura-IH said...

I'm glad your roofing project is over. Home repairs are no fun. The mice pincushions are very cute--and this is coming from someone who like mice about as much as she like praying mantises! ; )

Timmy and Toby are so sweet. Timmy reminds me of a cat my family had when I was very small. Her name, creatively enough, was "Old Kitty."