Friday, April 29, 2011

The start of my homestead :o)

But first you have to see this cutie patootie. Precious baby, Cooper Stone. Isn't that the coolest name? His mommy Ashley, has a lovely family in the mountains of Utah. I just had to share a baby hat with her. I do not get to make many boy items. Was hard not to add a flower! She shares more pics of him on her blog.
 Now onto my "homestead". A worm farm for composting and my veggies and flowers. :o)
I used a large plastic tote with a lid. Made a few holes around the top of the base for air holes using a nail and hammer. Mark has hid the drill or something. He wasn't here to ask about it. I created a mixture of shredded paper (thank you Penny), grass clippings, garden dirt and compost. All this was moistened well. I will check it tomorrow to see if it is damp enough. I was cautious about over watering it today. Boiled egg shells were added also. AND some of Penny's yummy bunny poo. That stuff is pure nectar for plants. I bought red wiggler worms. You are not supposed to use earth worms or night crawlers. For whatever reason. Then I popped the wormies into their new home and said "go forth and populate". :o) Supposedly the egg shells and the bunny poo make the wormies frisky and they reproduce more and faster. Interesting TMI huh? The more wormies, the more compost. So this is my first adventure into having a "homestead". Will keep you posted...on if I kill them or if I conquer being a Worm Farmer! yeeehaaaaaaw
I am blessed. ~Angela


Delisa said...

What a cute little boy and a sweet little hat! I know what you mean, crocheting for a baby boy takes a lot of self control when it comes to the embellishing part.

I love to add all the flowers, ribbons, and bows I can to little girl bonnets, and sweaters. This year there were two girls born into our family, so I had a nice time making sweaters.

I found that the Walmart in our area carries in the sewing section, some really beautiful pre-made satin roses and bows in just about every color. They really looked pretty sewn into the hats and around the collars of the sweaters.

It sounds like you have a good recipe there with all the bunny poo and the worms! Happy "homesteading"! I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. Delisa :)

Allie said...

What a sweet baby! I wish you great success with your worm farm - I remember going hunting for big fat night crawlers with my grandpa, we used them for fishing. Never did compost or garden, YET!

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Angela:) OMGosh, that's a cool read about your wormies, and funny too. Now that's gettin' down to business!
Aww, a cute lil lad sporting one of your handmade toppers. Love his name too.
I've got ya in my giveaway... good luck to ya!

Penny said...

Does this make the "assistant worm farmer" or the "assistant worm wrangler"???