Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shows and sheepies

 Are these the cutest things ever? A vendor at the fiber show had 2 bottle fed lambies with her. They were adorable in their matching nappies (diapers). Cry babies too. If they were not in the mood to be fawned over and petted, they let you know very loudly. But gosh, you just had to touch them!!!
I am still trying to recover from the long weekend. It was a WET and cold show. Very wet. Very cold. And packing up was a muddy treat! Did I mention wet and cold? If we decide to do this next year, we will be better prepared. A second set of warmer clothes including leggings, winter jacket and fingerless gloves. We were indoor, but the building was unheated and the doors were left open to make it look more inviting.
The storms have continued this week. I have spent my nighttime sleeping hours manning the outdoor sump pump to keep my playhouse and our backyard from floating away. The playhouse (which is my studio) did get some water along the outer wall, but nothing major or near the problems I have had in the past. Thankfully our electric stayed on. That was my prayers answered. Cause if it had gone off, everything would have been bad. Very bad. Penny's girls had a tree come down on their run. :o(( The sun is shining now and you can hear chainsaws all over town working on the wind damage. I have not heard of any injuries or deaths, so we are a blessed community.
I will post some pics of our booth next time. Everyone stay safe.
I am so blessed.~Angela


Delisa said...

The lambs are so adorable! I'm glad you had a good time at the show, sorry to hear it was so cold and muddy. I hope the storms will let up for you soon and everything dries out. Have a lovely evening. Delisa :)

Allie said...

Sweet lambs! I'm so sorry the show was so cold and muddy, ugh. I can't STAND being cold. Glad you're safe too after all those storms, my goodness what a year it is already.

Tina's Primitive Attic said...

oh those lambs are so precious.. Hope you still had a great show even though so cold.