Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday photos to make us smile

My mini daffodils at the door. They are the first bright lights of spring for me.
If you play hard, then you gotta take alot of rests. These two are hilarious together when they are not horrible together. :o) Timmy truly thinks he is a puppy. He is sitting up and begging for his good boy treats now. Besides chewing on rawhide bonies with Toby. 
Toby believes in "the family bed". He snuggled in like this himself. Not a photo op shot. 
Sweet Jaidyn (our greatniece) hiding. If she cannot see us...then we cannot see her. She is a funny lil' two year old. And as the shirts says, a cutie!
Happy thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I start a 4 week round (hopefully) of treatments tomorrow. Get'r done is the motto of the week!
Happy spring to you. It is cold and rainy here in Indiana. But that can change on a dime as the saying goes. It is the midwest you know. :o)


Pat said...

We have mini daffodils, too, but I was unable to get a nice photo of them, so I really loved seeing your photo of your mini-daffodils. The pets and the cutie 2-year-old are adorable, too.

kjquilts said...

I love the beginning of spring when the flowers start popping out! The puppies and kitty are so cute! Jaidyn is a cutie too. My two year old granddaughters do the same thing. They hide behind something thinking they are covered and we can plainly see them. it's hilarious but we play along asking where are you?

Barb said...

If that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!!

Lindah said...

Hey, Angela. I just had a chat with the Lord re your treatments. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you for pics of some of your blessings. Cute little niece, funny ol' pup and cat, beautiful flowers. He gives us all things to enjoy.

Connie W said...

I showed Abby the photo of Toby snuggled in the quilt and she loved it (she loves,loves,loves animals. Toby knows a good thing there.
Best wishes are sent as you undergo your round of chemo, you will be in my thoughts (as always you are) and my prayers and in my heart too, of course.
BIG HUGS for you.

Sandra said...

Love the photo of the dog and girl; totally CUTE!

3anklebiters said...

:) thanks for the Tuesday pick-me-up.

Laura-IH said...

Timmy and Toby all tuckered out made me LOL! They look like they just got through running around and getting into some mischief!

Liz said...

What gorgeous little daffodils Ange. I hope you are doing okay with your treatments. I've been saying some prayers for you. Stay strong girlie. You've got company comin'.