Friday, December 26, 2008

We did a lil get-together today with my family and Baby Shayla.

And then Miss Big Girl Jaidyn took her first solo ride on Shayla's Care Bear car. This was a big deal for Shayla to share. Cause she looooooooves her car and has had it since about 18 months or so. Jaidyn took right off on it with no hesitation. She loved the music it plays too.

Then there is poor Mr. Toby. We have a muzzle for him now when folk's come over. Honestly I wish we did this the minute we brought him home. NOT to keep him from biting or barking. He never ever does either. But it totally calms him down. It is so loose it will slip right off his head. My hands both fit inside it even. (These are all disclaimers so no one will turn us in to the Puppy Protection people.) It just totallllly settles him down though. Toby is very much a hyper puppy still when we have company. He can drink and pant with it on. I bought the one a size bigger too. Here he is laying around on Mr. Woofie, Shayla's big doggie. Debbie got this for her a couple years ago. The Pooh Bear is mine. LOL

Aaaahhhh sweet peace. LOL This was him before Mark was even out of the driveway taking Shayla home! And here he stayed for 3 hours!! Watching lil kids frolic is exhausting work for a puppy dog! :o)


3anklebiters said...

what wonderful memories with the girls. Toby is such a cute little guy.

Laura-IH said...

What sweet girls!

Poor Toby DOES look all tuckered out!