Friday, December 12, 2008

I found this cool weather widget on Peggy's blog. You can see mine on my sidebar. Just interesting to see what is happening around the world.

No rescheduled partaaay for Miss Penny. She is still sicky and so is our mom. Daddy is coming down with it too they said. So please send healing prayers up for all of them. Folks are dropping like flies! :o( Still waiting to find out about Baby Jaidyn's scheduled First Birthday Party tomorrow. Can you believe it? Seems the lil miss should just be 4 months old. She is a blessing to our family that is for sure. (Pic is from April at her Meme's bday partay.)

My hands are all messed up this week. The lupus. I have been trying to think what I can work on and came up with... myself. I have this crazy drive all the time to craft and sew and just keep my hands busy. So this weekend it is about reading my Bible and working on me. I am a constant WIP (work in progress). My attitude has gotten a bit stinky lately. Just letting life and sickness get to me and that has got to STOP. So getting off my pitypot and getting into deeper into the Word. Anyone want to join me?


Vicki said...

Sure, I have been on my own personal spiritual negativity for about 6 months and I have not been in the word at all for about a year on my own. I do in group study that I attend but I have been doubting lately....tis the season to find joy.

Laura-IH said...

Sorry to hear about your hands, Ange. I'm glad you're taking some "me" time, though. That is so important, and so easy to forget!

Lindah said...

Put your hands in His, Hon. Only place to find consolation and comfort and courage and rest...all the Good Stuff.