Tuesday, December 09, 2008

(My website is down for some reason, waiting on a reply as to why. All my graphics for the blog are stored there. That is why everything is a mess here right now.)
This is where I have been since before Thanksgiving. I usually make it until January. But lazy/sicky came early this year. HOHOHO NOT!I will not show you my other dwelling place...aka unmade bed. I think you get the idea.

Here is the stocking and teddy bear I received from Vickie in our Hand-Dids ornament exchange.

I received the 2 large ornaments and dirty snowball from my other partner Stella.

Here is Mark's parent's engagement picture. His mother has been passed away for 25 years.

Here is my parent's with my precious lil' nativity.

My favorite Winnie the Pooh sitty out decoration.

Table by my chair.

Thanks to all that have written asking how I am feeling. You don't know how much those emails are appreciated! Everyone stay warm and dry.


MouseChirpy said...

Angela, I hope you're starting to feel better. The Christmas season is no fun when you're sick.
I love your pretty Christmas decorations and your swap goodies are just wonderful.
Please take care. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Vicki said...

Angela, I hope that in your quiet moments you find the peace and joy of the holiday season. Be well, and I think of you often as I look at my ornies! I really enjoyed the exchange.

BusyLiz said...

Poor Ange. Take care of yourself. Your chair looks very inviting. Maybe you should get one that's not so comfy looking. Loved seeing some of your decorations and the fresh snow.

Laura-IH said...

Ha! I knew it! I knew your house was decorated really cute! It was fun to get a little Ange's House Christmas tour.

I hope you're feeling better. Snuggle down in that chair and cover up with that pretty quilt!