Saturday, August 02, 2008

I cannot believe it has been almost a week since I posted. 14 dishcloths later...LOL Yeah. That is how many I finally ended up with. I did have a couple ask for the pattern, so will post that this week for anyone interested. Very simple pattern. We had a mini yard sale here today. Heather is getting ready to move and wanted to clean out a bit and of course we always have a bit to add to the sale table. She was happy with what she did, so that was good. There were a ton of them going on about town, so we didnt do as well as we usually do. People were looking for school clothes. And people were having them to make money to buy school clothes. It still seems strange not to have a school age child. I miss the excitement of chatter about new clases, bookbags and making new friends. sigh She will be 21 in September. I need to get over it huh? LOL

Here is Toby showing off his baby teeeth. We are working sooooo hard on training him to be a sweet boy and not "mouthy" as the vet calls it. But giving kisses and not bities. The potty training is going great. He is going to the door alot now when he needs to go potty. And sometimes will even give a lil yip to get my attention he is there. Course there are still accidents, but they are fewer apart now and usually when he gets excited his daddy has came home!


Alice I. said...

Ange, That Toby is too funny. He actually looks like he sat down and posed for the picture. It looks like he wants that pic up on the portrait wall!

On the kiddies, I don't think we'll ever get over the fact that our babies are grown (and in my case, gone). I miss my Ally everyday. She's in good hands back home helping out my folks and continuing her education but I still wish she was here with me. So, I'm right there with ya, Ange (sigh).

Take care. I didn't see anymore crocheting on your blog, so I hope that means you're feeling better now!


Alice I.

Teresa said...

OH, he is a cutie pie. Can I send my daughter's Izzy to your house for training?

Laura-IH said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of dish cloths! Are you feeling better now? I hope so!

That Toby is so cute!

Beverly said...

Oh...I'm so glad that I still have two in school. (College doesn't count, does it?) I roamed the school supply aisle at Walmart the other day and realized that I only have six more years of buying school supplies for Mary!

The puppy...well, when you learn how to make a puppy not so "barky", let me know!

(I'm sure he'll outgrow the "mouthy" phase...)

Beverly said...

Wow! IT looks like you've been busy!

I think puppies naturally outgrow their "mouthy" phase. It's just a matter of keeping the right things in her mouth! Once this stage is over you'll have to let me know how to teach a dog to not be so "barky"!