Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big girl and teddy bears! Our Miss Jaidyn is getting so busy. Is almost walking! She is such a cutie.

Playing peek-a-boo with great-aunt Angie.

The bears are all made from wool. The large one is dressed in a very sweet, vintage baby dress. She is approximately 36-inches tall.

These goofy lil' ones have lavendar buds added to their stuffing. I dried it from my gardens. They smell yummy. I plan on adding collage tags to each of the 3 bears.

It rained for a full 5 minutes tonight! The first rain the whole month of August on my yard. At least it settled the dust a bit. I got all excited though thinking, this was it! Poor Toby did NOT want to go out to potty after all. LOL He was at the door to go then did a quick turn around. Honestly, he had probably forgotten what rain was it had been so long since he had been in it. We went anyways. Me all hunkered down with a big ole umbrella over us both. Chanting...go potty, go potty. Quite a site I am sure. :o)


Conni said...

Awe! Thanks for the new Miss Jayden pictures! She sure is getting to be a big girl! They grow up waaaaayy too fast!!

Teresa said...

Jayden is a doll!

Had to laugh at the thought of you out with the umbrella - I did the same with Izzy, my daughter's dog. But Izzy wouldn't cooperate, broke away from the leash, and took off running. So there I am chasing that dog in the rain, she would run back to the front door, and by the time I got there, she would take off again. Guess she like playing chase in the rain...umm, not my idea of a good time.

Alice I. said...

Hi Ange,

Thanks for sharing the pics of Jaidyn. She is a real sweatheart! The bears are too cute. I especially like the idea of the lavender in their stuffing! Way cool. And where might one buy these little guys? I love bears!!


Alice I.

Laura-IH said...

Oh, a post full of cuteness! Jayden is adorable! I'll bet she is a lot of fun!

I love the bears. You are so talented! : )

peggy said...

OMG, those 2 small bears are too cute!! Are they for a craft show?
Oh, yes, Jaiden is adorable's so nice Auntie has some time to spend with her!!!

This simple Life said...

Aw, your little Bears are cute but not as cute as that little girl. What a sweetie.