Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The snow missed us! The temps stayed too low and it was ice/sleet. Just a dusting of snow. Mark went into work on half day after waiting for the highway to clear. I am so glad we didnt get what they had projected! We have been very blessed this year.
Look who is growing up on me! Our Baby Shayla is becoming a Miss Shayla. Debbie commented she was loosing her baby look and become more a lil person. I cried out a big ole NO on that one. LOL Aunt Angie isnt ready to see her grow up. But I best be getting there cause she is! And so quickly!! Notice the crazy bangs? Well this winter she cut her hair! Needless to say she is not ready to start her own salon anytime soon! She cut them straight up in a V shape. Go big or stay home is her motto huh? It is taking quite awhile for them to grow and be straighten evenly. But they look so much better than 3 months ago. Little Stinker Girl.
We celebrated our Mom's birthday last Friday night at the local Chinese restaurant. Shayla did very well. I wasnt for sure what she would think of it all as she hadnt been there before. We love it there, but the food doesnt always settle well for me so dont go that often. It is a buffet style restaurant so she found lots to like and even ate some shrimp with Granny. Two funnies (And not meant to offend anyone please.)...I had taken her to the restroom and she was listening to the music. She thought they should change the radio station to country and could we ask please. LOL As we were eating she commented "it smells funny in here". Then asked if we had any air freshener in the car because she didnt want to take the smell with her. She was MUCH better than Heather was when she was young. Shayla said she would like to go back. Sis hated to eat Chinese and we had to order or carry in hamburgers for her. AND tell her to hush about fifty times each visit! LOL She likes it now of course.
Shayla loves helping with Baby Jaidyn. Here she is helping Heather give her the bottle. Look at all that pink. LOL


kjquilts said...

She is so cute! LOL! at the hair cutting incident! Don't we all have one of those episodes in our family?

BusyLiz said...

Look at those big girls! They're all so pretty. And so much pink!!!! :o)