Monday, December 17, 2007

Played in my dollhouse a bit last night. My finlaw gave me a box of brand new goodies he purchased at an auction. The only item I have added to my dollhouse so far is the piano. I love it. The girls had wanted for so so long and this one is a music box also. So that is even better! I need to make rugs and pictures for my dollhouse. Just cannot decide on what. The cupboard in the bathroom will hold towels and bath goodies soon. Here and there you can see the lil bits of yellow tickytacky I have to use to keep small items in place. The Big People seem to rattle the rafters too much! And if you are wondering where the girls are, well they are out in my playhouse working on Christmas gifts. Told me to stay out, so I just dont know WHAT mischief they are up to. This year my dollys did not gussie up their house for the holidays. Just too much happening. But they do have some ideas for Valentine's Day and upcoming birthdays. Will have to see what they come up with!


CONNIE W said...

Angela, I love your dollhouse. I've wanted one and if I had the extra space I would have it. I love miniatures.

Pam said...

Very cute little doll house. Pictures on the wall would be cute - maybe a little quilt on the sofa? LOL!

Rae said...

Angela, I just found your blog. I absolutely love it. I enjoy mini's and dolls also. I have my dollhouse on my blog, but haven't put any of my dolls on. I think after the holidays, I will do that. If you can find the time, take a look at my dollhouse. I'm sure I will be back. I haven't seen everything yet on your sight.
Merry Christmas.