Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Saturday night. LOL Not much happening in this old folks home. I have been working on my Etsy shoppe. Had closed it this summer when I was working on so many shows. I have worked up several lil' felted clutches. As I said previously, my latest version of doilies. AKA Nervous Nellie Projects. Cannot crochet or stitch right now comfortably and it is making me bonkers. They have had issues getting blood from me lately. Been going at it in the wierdest places. Right now I have a knot in between my thumb and finger down in the "dip". So no holding easily hook or needle. Have been pouring over my project books though and daydreaming of making so many things. I have a baby jacket for Jaidyn on the hook (hahahaha that is a joke for those who knit and always have something on the needles). It is a soft chenille for spring. Hillary brought her over today and my she is growing. Such a pretty baby she is.

I baked a half ham today. But I ate pepperoni and saltines for supper. LOL


CONNIE W said...

Angela, I do hope you are feeling better very soon. The quilt in the photo is so darling. Remember I bought three from you among the other things at Grouseland for Christmas gifts? Everyone loves all their gifts. I put one of the quilts on my sewing room wall and I have some of the items on a little shelf. You and your sisters' crafts are so beautifully made and I wanted to keep them all. Please do let me know if you attend other shows in our area again sometime so I can come visit. I hope your new year is filled with all things good...and that your health is better...and that God keeps you safe & sound. You are such a precious lady. CW

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Hello from Michigan! I "stumbled" across your blog again tonight (I should have gone to bed hours ago!!!)Anyway - I just wondered how you were doing? Please excuse me if I have the wrong person - but seems to me the last time I had seen your blog you were in the process of adopting a child - and I was just wondering if you were able to have that happen? And forgive me if something happened that was unpleasant, as it does so often with adoptions. Anyway - I hope everything is okay with you and your family! And it is good to see there are some bloggers in the Midwest yet! I hope to hear from you!

Hugs - Diane - a friend in Michigan