Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday photographs of the house. The grapevine tree is ususally in my playhouse aka studio. We opted this year to bring it as our Christmas tree in leu of a "real" tree. Mark said he would decorate it and promised to use only a few favorites. Well, all I can say is he has alot of favorites! The lights barely show on it cause it is so full of ornies! But he did it and well pleased with his handiwork. The tabletop tree has my painted spoons. The little ones are vintage ice cream spoons. Prob a crime to paint them, but I did it anways. The larger ones are mismatched silver spoons I found along the way to paint on. I would like to find a few more and paint St. Nicks on them. The paper mache boxes are my Christmas gift from Michelle last year. It has turned very cold here but no snow. Mark hung lights outside and about froze. I havent sewn or crafted for a few days, but will get into it this week. I finished my square in the square mini and a couple other projects last week. The hand quilted on the wall hanging about did my poor thumb in! It is still and gnarly and swollen. I am getting old it is a fact. We posted new swaps at Backporch Friends. Scrap Bag Swap and a Pincushion Exchange. You must be a member of the yahoo group to play. More swaps are in the works for 2007.


Angie said...

Ooooh Angela, I would love to come play at your house during Christmas (LOL maybe even all year!!!). I LOVE your decorations, all of the trees...and tell your husband he did an OUTSTANDING job on his!! :D

Anonymous said...

I love your trees! Mark did a great job of decorating. I'm curious how you did your spoons. I also love that red piece of furniture! Is that an old kitchen cabinet?