Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I love buttons. And sure hope the person receiving this pillow does also. The center is a ecru wool star. I stitched it down with pearl cotton and then overlapped the offwhite buttons all around. Sewed them on with the same pearl cotton, knotting every other button "just in case". I worked out of my scrap stash for the scrappy block. The finished pillow is 10-inches. I was asked how I painted the snowman spoons. First I bent them. If they are going to break, I want to know BEFORE I paint them! Using acrylic paints I basecoated 2 light coats. Gave them a mist of acrylic sealer to hold the paint on. Then completed the painting. Gave them a nice full coat of acrylic sealer to finish them. You can purchase spoons of all sizes, singly at dollar stores. The ones I used were mismatched, antique silver ones. But the new ones paint up nice also. I have painted folkart scenes on these also and they come out pretty cute. Here is a closeup of the snowmen.

Here is the quilted scrappy square in square mini.


Anonymous said...

Who does not love buttons ??? The pillow is georgius. And the mini quilt too.

Andi said...

I love the pillow also! I saw a cute pillow with a punch-needle motif in the center. If I only had time to do all these cute projects!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing about the spoons. Those are just darling! The pillow is also great, so I'm sure she'll love it.