Thursday, December 07, 2006

No peeking allowed! LOL All of my friends and family are "peekers". I cannot post my current projects since I am wearing an elf hat these days. They are all smart girlies and would start talking amongest themselves. I can only imagine the chatter. :o So I am taking pics to post after the holidays! Do you have "peekers" in your lives too? How do you hide your projects and keep your secrets? I am always hiding things when we think we hear car doors slam. I always want to give the gift as sooooon as it is completed. Just cannot wait til the occassion! Good thing I am being last minute this year or I would probably have nothing to give. Even Mark is making presents this year. If you had looked at my blog yesterday or today, well it had been hacked or something! I have no idea what that was on it. And it made my page all wonky to boot! Changed my passwords and reported it. Sheesh!


Susan said...

What a great photograph! How nice that you are making so many gifts, and that the recipients read your blog. That's cool.

Anonymous said...

If I don't get on the ball, there is hardly anything yet to 'peek' at! DH did call and had bought most of DS's Christmas today. I've got part of little Joanna's and that's about it!