Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My mindless mini is done. It turned out 6 x 8-inches. The blocks are 1 1/2-inches. Wasn't thrilled with the applique, turned out a bit bigger than I planned. It is small, but not prob small enough. But you know, it is done. LOL Actually it is square, I didnt have it on the scanner bed very even. Whenever I want something to just "do" without thinking, I like to either make minis or crochet. This weekend it was mini. I have sorted through scraps into 3 piles of light, med and dark. My those mediums have me puzzled. Very hard for me to decide for some reason. We are having major rain. So much for those sunny skies last week. If it was all snow, we would be having a blizzard!


Anonymous said...

Love the mini!!! But you know I like to tink with little scraps... so when are you gonna make a mini with dog ears?? Love you.....Mich

Anonymous said...

purty girlfriend! You know how i love those colors! So when you going to post pics of your house decorated for Christmas? I want to see all your trees decorated! Love ya, and miss you!

Lucy said...

WOW... I love this mini!!It is giving me so much inspiration!