Sunday, October 08, 2006

I have my traveling Hitty completed. She stands 6 1/2", is made of muslin and then hand painted by me. Her traveling duds are from Gail Wilson Designs. It is actually a Basic Doll outfit, not a Hitty pattern. Both the dress and apron just needed shortened a bit. I still wanted it to be long though. The painting is done with acrylics over a gesso basecoat. A Minwax antique/sealer in oak was applied in a one-step application. Am pleased that she will stand on her own, means her legs are on straight and stuffed firmly. Doesnt always happen for me! Only after her photos were taken did she tell me her name....Hitty Anne, with an e of course. I can tell she has been reading my Anne of Green Gable books whilst I wasnt' looking. Now she will only need a few more items made for her travels (a cape, a quilt and her journal) to Victoria BC.