Monday, July 09, 2012

Mindless makes me happy

This is a pretty shawl I am working on. My poor lupus hands are screaming. But I have to crochet! It is a needful, gotta do, kinda thing. For my sanity you know. This yarn is very pretty. Soothing, restful colors that do not overwhelm my senses but just lets me flow along. It has a grey twist to it that makes it very nice. Will post when I have it finished. Working on a few bigger pieces for our autumn/winter shows. I have another shawl started in more folkart colors. It is a triangle shawl. I have been calling it The Beast. hahaha I never have 2 projects going. I know I am strange. It  stresses me to know there is something unfinished and I have started another project. But The Beast is soooooo beastly and I needed a break. Just a bit of hooky time here and there. 
We got rain!!!!! Bunches today!!!! The entire area has had a good drink today. So thankful for the farms and our gardens. The poor outdoor animals. It has cooled off a great deal also. 
I am blessed. ~Angela


Bee Lady said...

Hi Angela,

We just got a tiny bit of rain today but the heat seems to have given us a break, so that's good.
If you ever have the time, come up to Kokomo and visit us on Tuesday evenings at Mandy's new yarn store. We have a lot of fun. Only one project at a time? You are weird!!!!

Cindy Bee