Friday, December 31, 2010

My Wool Crazy Block

My spring retreat group is doing a round robin of wool crazy quilt blocks. Completely of wool makes for a great block. (It is just laying on the fabric for the photo op.) This can be made into pincushions or mats. Here is the book that started the whole wool crazy mania. It is a really good book with alot of details.
We are working in groups of 4 and the final reveal will be at the May retreat. Cannot wait to see it when the other 3 ladies are have worked their magic! My starter applique is the spool of button posies. So I guess you would say I have a primitive theme. Hopefully we will do this 3 times this year, I want a winter and spring one also! You can go see Penny, Conni, Michelle, Laura, Peggy, Vickie and Robin to see their blocks as they get them posted. I am in the group with Michelle, Conni and Laura.
I am one of those crazy people who goes outside and bangs on pots and pans at midnight on New Year's Eve as the ball drops. Rethinking it this year. It is storming with rain and thunder!!! Guess I will save the banging to do in the ears of all those I call to wish a Happy New Year! Well I always do that anyways. It honestly is a wonder anyone answers their phone. I think they must forget from year to year! hahaha Don't be looking at your caller id in a minute.. I am calling YOU next! :))
Happy New Year~Angela


Michelle said...

That is amazing Angela...but I wouldn't expect anything less! I love it! Happy New Year!

Penny said...

Cute. Cute. Love all those lil flowers!! =)

Conni said...

I love the little button posies! So sweet.

Laura-IH said...

Beautiful, Angela! I love the tiny buttons, too. This is going to be so much fun! : )

Sandra said...

Are your hands tender and sore? Those are some purty hats!
May the worst of 2011 be from the best of 2010! Happy New Year.