Sunday, January 02, 2011

Seventeen pictured and five more on the table. All sold as special orders. Love my cousin Kimmie Ann. She works at a hospital and has been packing a small suitcase around with my hats everywhere she goes. These are all 100% cotton except the cream one in the front, it is wool. I thank God I can work with my hands. Crocheting is something I can do without rattling moving my head about and I can just sit still and do it for hours. And I do. Sometimes I crochet 6-9 hours straight!
Miss Jaidy with one of her Aunt Angie hats. She is such a doll baby.


Barb said...

You sure have been busy...your little model is adorable.

How are you feeling?

Milah said...

You remind me of my mother, she could crochet blindfolded!

BTW, you have an adorable model there!

Old Jail Artist said...

Very cute! Here's wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

Penny said...

Like the new buttons on the sidebar. ;)

Lady Farmer said...

Oh I love the hats! Your crocheting is beautiful! I hope you sell many, many of them!
Just had to stop by and see who my latest follower was. Oh my, you dear one, you have been through so much!
Praying God's blessings upon you!

Christine said...

Hey lady, Happy Birthday! Hope it is a fabulous one.

Christie said...

Wowzers! 6-9 hours?!!!
You have my utmost admiration and respect...I can't sit still that long!