Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Favorites and not so fav

 A treasure from my bestie Michelle in Canada. Stitched and punchneedle.
 Pic of Shayla, that Heather took when she was a wee one. Nativity that was my parent's. I loved it so much as a child, that Mom gave it to me several years ago. The first thing that comes out for the Christmas season. And the last thing to be put away.
 First snow of the season this morning.
Our VERY VERY sad Christmas tree. I awoke at 3:30am to find it laid across the room. Damage included the top is broken off and the stand was trashed. We will try to rig it tonight when Mark comes home. The last year for this poor tree. And it was sooooo pretty.
The kitty that wrecked our tree. Bad Timmy! Don't  be giving me that "Who me? It was Toby." face. I know better. What are you to do? But Santa is definitely taking notes. I am just saying!!


Conni said...

LOL!!! Here, Kitty-kitty!

diamondc said...

Oh Kitty: Not the christmas tree anything but the tree, Timmy oh my.
Merry Christmas

GailinVirginia said...

OH NO!! I am always fearful that might happen here...with our beloved stray BOO.
Timmy looks like the female cat BOO brought to live with us 4 years ago...we took care of both of them...she was very loved...died 2 yrs ago but left a little hole in my heart.
Be a good boy Timmy (lol) I know it isn't funny. Wishing you a Blessed and Joyous Christmas.