Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I won, so YOU win

I won a give-a-way at Tatting Tales last month. An original watercolor and 2 skeins of her hand dyed #20 thread. Both quite yummy! Thank you so much.

In the spirit of winning, I will be hosting a give-a-way this month. Details to come. Don't worry, it will be easy, no hoops or loop-de-loos to go through :o) Who has time for that?

I found a recipe in my late night blog surfer, and forgot where of course. After eating only bland food for what seems like FOREVER, I am wanting a bit of flavor to cross my palette. This seems harmless and easy enough. Brown ground beef with diced onion. Drain well. Add taco seasoning and one can of undrained diced tomatoes. Cook for 5 minutes or until liquid is gone. Soften a large block of cream cheese. Spread into bottom of a pie plate. Evenly spread meat mixture over cream cheese. Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese on top. Microwave or heat in oven until cheese is slightly melted. Serve with tortilla chips. I am thinking all the cheese will help my tummy with any kick of the meat. You could also add a layer of refried beans and black olives. Yummy. But I am not pushing my luck this time.

With all my resting I have been doing a lot of crocheting. Charity gifts. Several small bags and coasters have been felted. Hankies trimmed. Scarfs made. Hat for Baby Jaidy. Working on a doll blankie to go with Shayla's Christmas doll, Baby Alive. Man she has all the bells and whistles. Mark has insisted she is the one. I prefer the soft, cuddly dolls. But since Uncle Mark is dropping the big bucks, happy Shayla! LOL I need to get to my playhouse to do some quilting, maybe later in the week.

Are you watching The Biggest Looser? Penny and I have gotten hooked. I have never watched it from start to finish. Only give Survivor that much tv loving. hahaha But I have really gotten involved in TBL. Allen was from our area, 2 counties over. I was sad he didn't make it to the final 4. I am for Danny out of the 4 that are left. He has such a good heart. You can just see it.

Thank you for all the sweet emails of encouragement I have received. They have meant a lot to me.

PS: As Penny and I was watching TBL I was telling her about my post. And then it hit me. Hey I am making this medium calorie recipe tomorrow night/watching TBL. And I didn't even CATCH it when I wrote it. Not until I watched these people on their journey. Sigh....The cream cheese is not low fat. The meat is ground chuck. The cheese is a mozzarella blend. Myself, I will use saltines cause the chips are too salty (blood pressure). Hmmm....No matter that it has been several months since I have had anything with zing and flavor to it. I just WANT it. And that is what is wrong with America me. Just want it all no matter if it isn't the best for us.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

So glad you're feeling better and teh recipe sounds delicious!

Pat said...

YAY for your win and I'm glad you are feeling well enough to consider that recipe you posted!

Valerie said...

Hope you continue to feel better. Take it slow.

Lindah said...

So glad you are feeling better! That recipe sounds very nice. Uh, maybe easy on the chips, though. They can really gum things up. Here's hoping for you a wonderful Christmas season, enjoying the Gift of gifts.

peggy said...

Hey Ange,
Glad you are feeling better...
I love that recipe you mentioned. We used to do that when we had company over but on top of the meat I'd dice lettuce, tomatoes and then open a can of mild cheddar soft cheese you find in the chip aisle and spread that hot over top....I could sit down and eat the whole thing with nacho chips!!!
Can't wait to see your giveaway :)

Anonymous said...

Your comment about eating badly while watching TBL, because my husband and I ate a berry pie before I realized what we were doing. True couch potatoes.
I will pray for your health. I have poor health also, and have been sick for months.
By the way, that berry pie is extremely rare for us. But it was left over from Thanksgiving, because my daughter in law brought her home made pies, and I think my son ate a whole one himself. lol..he is about 8% body fat...go figure! :)

~Bren~ said...

I am a huge (pardon the pun) loser fan! I am hoping for Rudy to win, but Danny is my husbands favorite! I have only missed season 5, and the same with survivor. Only ever missed one season...I did that to prove to myself I could. It was really hard!!!

Robin said...

now girlie, all hope is NOT lost..you could lighten that recipe up by using lower-fat ingredients and not lose any of that yummy taste! They even make lower-fat saltines now! LOL I might have to try that recipe on new year's eve!!