Saturday, December 26, 2009

Feeling so blessed

To have had another Christmas with all of us here together. Seems so many of us in our family are not feeling well and I do not take any time we spend together for granted, especially as I watch my sweet parents age so quickly before my eyes. Both my in-laws have health issues also and not near my parents age. Baby Jaidyn so enjoyed opening her (and our) gifts. At age 2, she can say "more" and her version of "open" quite plainly. :o) Little Shayla was blessed with so many goodies and said "thank you Baby Jesus for sharing your birthday with us". I LOVED hearing that. Thankful at 6, she understands why we are celebrating. And WHAT we are celebrating. My sisters and I went together and got our mom a digital photo frame with a 4GB memory card. After loading over 300 pictures on it, it can easly hold 3,000 more! Penny called it Granny TV. Bittersweet memories of our grandparents and family passed away were added. Sad but loving at the same time. Even current and past furbabies. We do love our furbabies. Cannot wait to load more pics for her.

Hope you are staying warm and whatever your circumstances, can still say with me...I am blessed.


Kerrie said...

Happy Day after Christmas to you! Kerrie

Michelle said...

We are all TRULY blessed. Hugs to you, my friend! :)

Conni said...

It is well, it is well, with my soul!