Saturday, December 05, 2009

Shameless begging....

Hey ladies. Here is my begging. If you order off Amazon, would you do it through the link on my blog? I get a tiny bit and it all adds up.after a long time. It is in the sidebar. I want soooo many books and a couple of crafting tools and simply cannot afford them. They have tons of quilting and crafting books and you can order your groceries even. Crazy!
 So that is my shameless begging. Pitiful huh?

And about that is coming! I need to take some pictures of the goody. The lighting was good today, but I was gone most of the day. Have had to have a CAT scan of my neck. I have a wonky thing going on with a lymph node. A biopsy is scheduled for next week pending the results of today's test. Blech.

The temp right now, this very minute (3am), is 15 degrees. That is nuts. It is so gonna be a doozie of a cold winter. I am wearing double socks all day long here at home. Hope you are staying warm! :o)


Alice I. said...

So, which of the books in your Amazon sidebar that you recommend have you read/own? I really like the Lori Smith book "Fat Quarter Quilting"! I was looking through it today at the shop. It is definitely a must have. Hope all goes well with the lymph node.

Anonymous said...

Dear Angela,
I have my 4 granddaughters over and my mother right now...because my two daughters are moving my mother from one apartment to another today! I was telling her that I came across your and Penny's blog, and since then have joined Backporchfriends! My mother has enjoyed reading both your blogs, and we both love the LORD and will pray and HAVE prayed for your health and healing! The LORD is good, and will listen!

Mom and I both quilt, and do embroidery. Mom just finished a king size scrap quilt for me for my birthday in October this year. It is simply stunning! It is on a queen size bed, so hangs all around to the floor. I love it!

I am going to begin some Christmas gifts next week, and hope I have enough time to do something for each member.

God bless you, and Penny, and we do enjoy your blog! By the way, we live in the Dayton Ohio area. Almost neighbors! :)
In Christ,

peggy said...

Hey girlie...
Just used your sidebar and ordered lotsa stuff....hope my order helps.

Anonymous said...

Me too -- I just ordered a little something from Amazon and did it through your link. Hugs!

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Angela! Thanks for coming over to say hello on my blog! That is the first blog post I've done in SIX WEEKS! Can you believe it? Oh, I need to not ever do that again, LOL!

Hope you're able to meet your quota or whatever you need to get the goodies you need!

Merry Christmas! :)
~TattingChic ♥