Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wind and Rain

Sounds like a song title from the 70's or 80's. But it is the weather today. And what wind!!! MAN it is fierce. I am not a fraidycat girl at all about the weather. But I am not liking the wind flatlining the side of the house! Or me while I am outside manning the stupid sump pump in the yard. This is to keep my world aka playhouse from flooding. Poor lil Toby is just sitting around with his legs crossed. He hates rain and isn't wanting to go out in this. Smart boy! I had to pick him up as the WIND was picking him up earlier. That bad it is. There is stuff all over the road and my yard I have no clue who it belongs to. Maybe it will blow home? I am sorry for those in OK who just had twisters go there. And all those poor people in Australia with the horrible fires. God bless them all.

My sweet friend Debi just had shoulder surgery. I would appreciate it, if you hopped over to her blog and sent her some love and encouragement. She is a huge charity quilter and this is going to be hard on her to ease back for awhile. Just thought she might use some extra support!

Stay safe and dry wherever you are.


3anklebiters said...

you are the bestest friend to have, caring so much about everyone you are in contact with. i like counting you as one of my friends.

Teresa said...

So glad you weathered the storm safely. It sounds just awful. We had a severe warning last night and they were calling for flat line winds, but I don't think we got anything near that bad - at least if we did, I slep through it.

Alice I. said...

Okay, coming from So. Calif., I'm not sure I know what a flat line wind is.....I do know it can't be good. We got some of those winds today, although not as fierce as in your neck of the woods. Hope your playhouse weathered okay! Stay safe, Ange!

Laura-IH said...

Yikes! Stay safe, girl! If you see someone wearing ruby slippers, you know there is a problem! ; )