Thursday, February 19, 2009

Does this blog make my butt look fat?

Well what I mean you like a one color background? LOL There are so many options to choose from. The pretty pretty layered ones. White only. I have tried them all. Can not light on just one though. I really like my header, carried over from my website. But it the background that has me all tangled up. I want something that is easy for all of us to read. And catches your attention. So...what do you have?
Oh and tonight is my Survivor. So please do not call me between 8-9 central time. I think it is central time. Honestly this fall back/spring forward nonsense messes me up. So if you do call, just expect to leave a message! I missed last week cause I was sick and in bed. And we have a tv in our room, but just couldn't take the screen and noise. The first time in many many seasons I have missed the first one. So sad.
Catch up with you all soon!


paula, the quilter said...

I've been contemplating backgrounds on my blog too. Right now it is white for lack of a better idea. I feel that it is a bit too harsh tho. The layered ones take a while to load and I just hate waiting. If it loads slowly then, zip, I'm away to some other blog. I'll be curious to see the comments.

Connie W said...

The layered ones are pretty and on my computer they load fast just like all the others; I have a fast computer and broadband though, so I'm spoiled. The downside of them is many of them are difficult to read, lots of them are. Also the plain colors that are dark are also sometimes difficult to read and the choices for text colors is reduced a lot. I have had the same indecision, I want color or something to make it a fun blog, but everything I have tried has not been "right". This evening I decided to try a brownish color with mostly black text, I like it, but it seems to make my photos appear that real or is it just in my mind. Either way, if I can't see and read, I move on. On your blog I can read this background better than the previous one you had and I like it better. I would like a small, simple check in a beige/brownish, very subtle, if I could find it. Really truly, I really do like the plain white backgrounds with colorful graphics and texts and that's probably what I'll end up doing, going right back to the way it was. But I'll leave the current brown a few days and try it out.
I hope you find what you are wanting. And I hope you enjoy your TV show! cw

Linda said...

It's a hard decision but I like the dots and light maize. It will be fun to change from time to time. Cherry Hill just had a make-over---what do you think, spring, summer fall and winter-keep people interested.
P.S. The pictures are the interesting part along with the fun stories anyway!

Janet said...

I like your new background. It compliments your header nicely. I struggle with the blog designs too. Right now I've got one from the cutest blog on the block but I'm not really sure if I'll keep it. I keep changing my photo header just because I'm indecisive. May I ask where you found your polka dot background?

TattingChic said...

I promise not to call you while survivor is on, LOL! K?
Last time I changed my template I lost all my widgets. I feel kinda "Stuck" with what I currently have.

Cathy said...

I love the polkadots and the color! It looks great! You're right, there are so many choices out there and I love visiting each blog and seeing their latest fashion.

Cathy :)

Laura-IH said...

I think it looks great! (I've always admired your header, btw!) I think you are so talented at picking colors!

I missed the first Survivor, too! Rats! The Amazing Race is my favorite, though. I'm not answering the phone while that's on! ; )

Pam said...

I don't think it makes your butt look fat at all -LOL

I like the new background it is easy to read the words and not too distracting and doesn't take forever to load on my "not working well" computer.

peggy said...

I like the dot background...but then I'm partial to dots ya know!

So sorry to hear your head's got you down....I don't know how bad your head gets but I know how mine gets when I get a migraine....
Hope you're feeling better soon.