Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In this issue

of Create & Decorate magazine, is my Bunny Shoe Nite Lite.

This makes me happy.


Connie W said...

Congratulations, Angela! Wonderful!

Nancy Jo said...

Angela, that is very exciting! Good for you. do you know who the shoe belonged to?

Stellar Creations said...

WOOHOO.. that's so awesome. I have to run and get the mag and make one. Congrats.


Laura-IH said...

Congratulations, Angela! That is wonderful! What a cute idea!

Alice I. said...

Okay, Ange, how did I miss this one? Now I've gotta go hit the stands to find this issue. Congrats, girl!

dixie said...

My oldest son is having his first child in July. I have one of his shoes as a baby. This will make a wonderful gift for the baby's nursery. I'll have to make sure I get a copy of the mag.

RoseMary said...

What a wonderful idea.
My youngest is due with her first child in July. But how did you put the electric cord in the shoe, the instructions don't say.
Thank You