Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In this issue

of Create & Decorate magazine, is my Bunny Shoe Nite Lite.

This makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Angela! Wonderful!

Nancy Jo said...

Angela, that is very exciting! Good for you. do you know who the shoe belonged to?

Stellar Creations said...

WOOHOO.. that's so awesome. I have to run and get the mag and make one. Congrats.


Laura-IH said...

Congratulations, Angela! That is wonderful! What a cute idea!

Alice I. said...

Okay, Ange, how did I miss this one? Now I've gotta go hit the stands to find this issue. Congrats, girl!

dixie said...

My oldest son is having his first child in July. I have one of his shoes as a baby. This will make a wonderful gift for the baby's nursery. I'll have to make sure I get a copy of the mag.

RoseMary said...

What a wonderful idea.
My youngest is due with her first child in July. But how did you put the electric cord in the shoe, the instructions don't say.
Thank You