Saturday, July 26, 2008

We are just taking it easy here. I have a cold/flu thingy that has laid me low this week. And the puppy is being really good. He loves the bed his granny and poppy bought him. Loves it to "pieces". He can only have it off the couch when he is sleepy. Otherwise he wants to devour it! But when he is sleepy he is sooo sweet.

Oh! And don't forget about the new yahoo group I started. Hand-Dids for hand-doers! :o) I have really worked on gathering tons of links for free patterns and tutorials.
Hope everyone is staying cool and healthy.


Alice I. said...

I certainly hope you're feeling better soon, Ange. I gotta tell you, Toby is just the cutest (after my Poms, of He looks like a little angel all snuggled up in his bed. Hoping your new group, Hand-Dids, goes well. You have several memebers already, so if that's any indication, you are well on your way to establishing anyther great group! Hugs, Alice