Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunshine, flowers and pinwheels!

This is a potted daisy on my patio loving the afternoon sunshine. The day after the "Great Flood". Something like 7-inches of rain in 1 hour! My playhouse got it good. And this is with the sump pump and yard drain pulling it. Just too much, too fast. It is dried out now. We are supposed to have more hard rains over the next few days. Rain good. Hard rain, baaaaaaaaaad. LOL

I made up my Friendship Pinwheels we swapped at Retreat. Not a fancy setting, but it is done. And sometimes that counts more! LOL I used my favorite doggy fabric for the outer border. It is backed in the white on white (wow) that we used for the swap. It was to be 3 different 30's reproduction fabrics and the wow fabric. We all used the same 4-inch paper piece block pattern. I love to paper piece!! Great points every time. I have the mini quilt laying over a friendship star quilt that was made for me many years ago. Both are on a tobacco drying rack.
I had my lungs drained again today. Slept all evening and so now up at 4am. Not nearly as bad as the last time because they didn't do my kidneys at the same time. Just gotta take it easy for a couple of days now and let my ribs settle back. Have some hand work to fiddle with to keep me out of too much trouble. It is so good to be able to embroidery again. I really missed it when I had busted up my hand. Now playing catch up on several small things.


Teresa said...

That Jaidyn is a cutiepie for sure.

Your pinwheel quilt is very nice. I think sometimes its the simple layouts that look the best and this one is a fine example of that.

I hope you are feeling a lot better. I had heard of lupes before, but do not know much about it. How often do you have to have your lungs and kidneys drained?

peggy said...

Hey there.....sorry to hear about the lung draining but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mini. I was thinking about my blocks the other day and said to myself "self..what the heck did you do with them when you came home from retreat?" I didn't get a real good answer so I went in search of and guess what I found? My black rolly cart that still had all my projects and winnings :) So, one day over the weekend I am going to empty it out and set my blocks too...

It's starting to get overcast and looks like rain...

Happy Saturday


Laura-IH said...

Angela, that mini pinwheel quilt turned out so cute! I love it!

Hope you're feeling better!