Friday, May 09, 2008

I am still here. Just crawwwwwwwwwzzzzy busy. Getting ready to hostess my online retreat here in Indiana. We have ladies from CA, WA, MN, WI, MI, KY, NC, NJ, NY, MO, KS, AL, TX and BC Canada coming in to play with us Indiana sisters (hope I didn't miss anyone). LOL We are having block, pincushion and mini quilts swaps. Plus lots of prizes to share. And some of the girls are bringing their Hitty dolls to play with me. :o) Love me some Hitty don't ya know. LOLOL Cannot wait to share pictures with you. Michelle gets to come in on Saturday! Isn't getting to stay as long as she usually does though which is sad. But I cannot wait to see her. Have been beating the dust and cat hair down here in the house. Sheesh! And doing some stuff that should have been done already but we needed company from another country to motivate us. Now that is realllly sad. LOL


Teresa said...

Retreats of any kind are always fun. I hope yours goes without a hitch.