Sunday, July 08, 2007

Happy belated Independence Day! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. I know many take extra days and make a full holiday. Mark was off Wednesday through today. Mark, Debbie and David did Farmer's Market yesterday. I got hit with my headache on Friday night and that took care of me til today. At least I got in my celebrating first. We were with family Wednesday and then again on Friday. It is dreadfully hot here. And HUMID! Definitely stay in the house weather for me. I haven't crafted or stitched a stitch in forever. I have to make myself do something this week.

Sis is doing very well. Thank you everyone for asking about her. She got the stitches out on Tuesday. I was shocked they took them all out, because several were very icky looking. She has some steri strips here and there. But the stitches are out. A benefit of having no feeling, is she didn't feel them remove them. (We found a happy thought!) Now she is in the part of therapy where she is massaging all the time. She has oil with Vitamin E and aloe vera and a Vit E cream. Her wrist cannot bend and her hand is in the "cupped" position. With her right hand she can push her left hand fingers down, they just pop back up with she releases them. She leaves the splint on also all the time except when she is massaging her palm.

I had my first of the season, fresh green beans this weekend. They were so yummy with potatoes and onion added. Hope everyone is staying cool.


Sweet P said...

I'm sorry to hear a headache put a damper on your weekend. I'm glad to hear your daughter's arm is on the mend.

Beverly said...

Fresh green beans are the best, aren't they? Fresh tomatoes too! We used to pick the tomoatoes from the garden when we were little, wash them off, add a little salt and eat whole!