Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flowers for me today. Mark came home from Farmer's Market with this huge bouquet of flowers. I love them! Even has clover in it. I have been sicky this week with a touch of pneumonia and got crazy and passed out last night. Whacked my head on the corner of the wall and just basically scared sis and him to pieces for a minute. So no Market for me today again. I am so glad he and my sisters enjoy setting it up! Cause I havent been forever!!

Here is a close up of the flowers.

Sis is doing very well as long as she has her pain meds. So much damage is going to be alot of pain for some time I am thinking. We go to the dr again on Monday. I think they will be pleased with the incision area. It looks healthy to us. She washes it everyday and uses VitE gel on it. We keep the sock thing she wears changed too. That is about all we can do right now at 4 weeks into this. I suggested she get out a puzzle the other night just for something to do besides read. so that is on the table now. I found a couple of pieces tonight. We need to get a funner puzzle. This one is a traditional landscape type one and a tad boring. LOL I want a puppy or kitty one. LOL Or Disney even. LOLOL


Beverly said...

Pneumonia! Oh my!

Hope it's resolving and you're getting better!