Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sorry so long in posting. And thank you to everyone who has sent me emails asking just where in the world I am anyways. I think I responded to everyone, if I missed you, SORRY!
I have been in a bit of a funk. Wont go into it, but it has been an ongoing funk that I just need to give over to God to deal with.
Our folks just had their anniversary, nope this isnt them. LOL And my sis got married on their anniversary, so we had a double dip party tonight. It was quite yummy as did it breakfast style. Pancakes, biscuits and sausage gravy, eggs any and every way, sausage and turkey bacon, and all the yummy extra fixin's. We need to do our parties like this more often Debbie. It was quite good! Mom and daddy got Deb and David this cool thing. It was an electric server for dips and such. Had the center bowl with little dividers around it.
I have been working in my playhouse and someday soon I will have lots to show for it. But right now, everything is in stages. We are doing a Fibre Show in May and I am working towards that. Right now I am in dollmaking mode. Now onto dressing them. Then the faces and then the hair. Then the accessories. I purchased very cute pewter charms I am going to make into necklaces for some.
It has turned off chilly and rainy here in Indiana. Better than the snow the northeast is getting. And the wind storms the south has had. So no complaints. I just wonder how messed up my flower gardens are going to be? I am thinking some of the perennials are going to be confused. I know that is my state of mind these days. Hope everyone is healthy and warm.


Shelina said...

Happy anniversary all around, and I hope your funk clears up soon.