Sunday, April 01, 2007

Crocheting is my therapy. Making doilies specifically is. I do not use a pattern and it is simply mindless busywork for me. Making doll clothes and socks is a bit more. I have to count! LOL And that makes it work you know. But it is still therapy. The dress is made from Bernat baby yarn. It was a bit of a bugger because the yarn seperated so badly. I was very pleased with the results though. I adapted it from an American Girl pattern. My Claire is only 14" tall, compared to the 18" AG dolls. The socks I crochet from pearl cotton thread. These are the largest ones I make (for my Rosette dolls). They are approx 1 5/8" from heel to toe. The smallest I make are 1 3/8" and much shorter, they are for Bleuette.
Do you realize Easter is next Sunday? We are just now making our plans and menu. I have Easter dinner at my house. Debbie has Thanksgiving. We are in a dessert rut. So many are diabetic and we have Jello cake every time. Blech, tired of it! I am thinking to go searching for something else. Do you have a good low/no sugar dessert recipe to share? We would appreciate any ideas!!


paula, the quilter said...

My brother is diabetic and my SIL loves the Splenda website. I have a 14" doll: my old Betsy McCall doll that, over the years, I have made clothes for. Didn't think of knitting or crocheting something for her tho. Thx for the idea.