Monday, February 05, 2007

Well it is 4am and 0 degrees~! Crazy stuff. Watched the Colts (yah for the home team) win the Super Bowl wearing way more clothes than ususal. Sitting on the couch wrapped in a quilt with flannel pj bottoms, a thermal shirt, a hoodie with the hood on my head cause my ears were cold and 2 thick pairs of socks. AND a cat! LOL And still cold. I have the sniffles, Mark has a raspy throat and more cold weather coming in. We are just whiney. Well cold and then his truck is really broke. Like $1,200 worth of broke. Hard to make lemon aide from lemons in this cold weather. So maybe snowcones from snow? The truck is parked til funds are saved and so we are a single vehicle family right now. Managable, if not convenient. Anyways.....yah for those Colts. I am so not a football gal, but these are the "hometown" boys, so we gotta root for them you know. Although the Grossman kid is from a town just 20 miles north of here and his dad has been my dad's eye dr for years. But still, Indy is in IN and the Bears live in IL. All about logistics I guess :o) I did sew this weekend. Made two Bleuette dresses to go on eBay this week. And a lil matching quilt for one of them from the scrappies.
I will sign off with my usual....everyone stay warm!