Friday, February 23, 2007

I do not know if I will ever post another picture that got more attention than the last one! LOL My sisters got a kick out of it, even the girls who are the "adopted" sisters in the family. Such fun picking out who was who and who MIGHT be the donkey.

Warmer temps are hear, so I will be good about not complaining about chill bains and such now. Will wait until it gets all hot and nasty till I start complaing about the weather again. :o) My kitties are not ready to give up their heating pad yet though. Mark put it up thinking it was warmer, and Miss Lydia pitched a major hissy fit. My baby girl is a 13 year old Persian. And is the Princess of Everything for sure. Yep her eyes really do glow like that. They are gorgeous.

Well I have opened an Etsy shop. Posting patterns and my completed folk art. Have a pile of things to take pics of. So please give it a lookyloo now and then and see what we are doing. Hoping to get more exposure and help my website along.

Mark got the flu this week, can you say hotel? LOL That is definitely where I wanted one of us to go. Cause I just plaine ole do not want it! But I was the good wife and took care of him. It wasn't that bad once he got home from work. Like a 24 hour thang. But he sure felt rough. Boys take things rougher than girls I think too.


May Britt said...

Your persian looks ecaxtly like my little Frida, my little queen of the house.

Su Bee said...

You really cannot get that cold - I hope you manage to avoid it. Your Etsy store is cool! I'll keep my eye on it for sure.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful cat! We had a persian and she had such a sweet disposition.