Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ach, changed my margin widths and now some of my previous pics and text are wonky. The future ones will be fine though. Oh well, doesnt bother me enough to go in and change everything. LOL Crazy talk! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. We had good food and even better visiting with the family. I havent done much of anything, nothing crafty/quilty wise at all! We did get a bit of cleaning done and a bit of decorating done. This year we are just using our 5 1/2-ft grapevine tree for the Christmas tree. It got a bath and new lights strung on it. Looks pretty like this, but we will wag out my favorite primitive and country ornies for it. In my playhouse I put my Charlie Brown pencil tree with ornies from this past Backporch Friends Retreat. Had to give my playhouse a lil bit of a going over also. That dryer dust makes a film of "baby powder" so quickly. The only downfall of having the washer /dryer out there. Our weather is crazy warm! Was in the upper 70's today with lots of sunshine. Not our ususal cold end of November at all. Off to catch up on emails.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a picture of your grapevine tree. It sounds like the perfect thing for all your prim ornies!