Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Indiana needs rain!

 My poor gardens need rain. Even the cone flowers are droopy.
 George is guarding the taters from the neighbors kittens! Forget the crows.
 My empty rain gauge. You can see a couple of 'maters coming on there. I have a town dwellers garden consisting of 3, 4' x 8' raised beds. And peppers in a wheelbarrow and a bathtub! Yellow squash are growing in the flower garden. Making it work. And watering every other day now. I had been doing it every 4 days, but these hot temps were taking their toll on the veggies. The flowers only get watered once a week. I feel guilty, but the water bill will remind me why. :o( I know Indiana is only one of many states in severe drought conditions. Praying for us all.
I am blessed. ~Angela


Bee Lady said...

No kidding we need water! Our grass breaks when we walk on it!

Cindy Bee

Conni said...

We've been watering our garden, too. It's been hot, hot here, but we have had a few rain showers in between to help cool it off...even if only for a few hours.