Saturday, June 09, 2012

Farmer's Market time

It is time for our local farmer's market. Penny and I love participating in this wonderful community event. Here is just a glimpse of our booth today.

 My daughter Heather helped us today. Appreciated her!!
 Penny's hand painted and dyed wool yarn. Yummy stuff! More vibrant in real time. The sun was hitting that corner when I was taking pics and fuzzed up the shot. The booth beside us is the host tent. You can see their free coffee and water table. A great service to shoppers and vendors alike.
I am blessed. ~Angela


Allie said...

I wish I could have come, your booth looks marvelous, so tempting!

Bee Lady said...

Where is your local farmers market? If I'm ever that way, I'll stop by. All of your crafty stuff looks so nice and fun! LOVE IT.

Cindy Bee

PS - How are you?