Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hand painted yarn

Here is a pair of small wool soakers I made from Penny's hand painted yarn. I love how it worked up. She will be listing her hand dyed and painted yarns on Etsy soon. This skein made me think of a froggy playing in a pond.
More pics here at my Etsy shop.

Health update, because some of your sweet ladies have asked. The new meds I have been taking once a week, stink. That crazy pill knocks me on my hiney and I do not even know my name for about 3 days/daze. The good news is I do not have to take it this week. Having a blood transfusion with platelets on Wednesday, so off the nasty medicine for a week. Sad when I am looking forward to this procedure which makes my head pound like a jackhammer. BUT at least I still know who I am. Trade offs work for me. I am easy like that. :o)


Sandra said...

Lovely yarn! Makes me think I need to dye some yarn and do it already, eh? -grin-
Lots to do and many different directions to go.
Woman, I am so sorry the meds are kicking you so you're being tucked into prayer.

Penny said...

I like the zig n'zag stripe thing going on up and down the legs .. very cool. =)

Conni said...

Never heard of hand painted yarn. How is that different from hand dyed yarn??

Robin said...

beautiful yarn and great project for it too! hang in there Angela I"m praying for you!!