Sunday, May 30, 2010

They say things happen in three's, what about four's?

Or five's? Our hot water heater and dryer both went out. Then our washer caught on fire. I had a blood transfusion. Then Mark totaled out his truck. All in under a week. Yep living the good life here. Hopefully the same talented son-in-law (we only have one by the way) who installed the new hot water heater will be able to get the truck runnable again. Hopefully.... They think there is hope. But really, we always have hope, right??
On a happy note. Penny and I (and Mark) are doing a local farmer's market. And having a good time people watching and selling a bit of our wares. Our life is a fundraiser you know. LOL Here is a pic of our lil space today. Folks are set up on either side of the sidewalk. Some on the lawn and some on the street edge. Either way is fine with us. It is just 4 hours long. Actually the table is fuller than it looks. I have felted wool bags, infant hats and dishcloths stacked up. The red suitcase is full of zippered small bags and pouches. Penny has beaded earrings on the right corner (on a spinner rack) also and a basket full of hand painted wool yarn. The wooden bowls are holding paper pieced pincushion.
On the health front...I am seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist, June 7th. They will be determining if my brain tumor is putting pressure on my optic nerve and other factors. All this is preparation for the removal of the tumor. It is a pretty big deal. BUT I am grateful that technology has caught up with me and it is now possible. The crazy thing has grown rapidly in the past months and it very necessary for it to be removed. So...let the games begin. I am not letting it scare me off new projects. Am in the planning stages of starting a Project Linus chapter in our area. Have a quilting retreat planned for November. Holiday plans. Yep I am making my lil' girl plans and that is just THAT! I do request your prayers in the coming months. I just want this behind me. :o)
Hope you are having a lovely long weekend. Take time to rest and just give yourself permission to take care of YOU! When you are at your best, you can give other's your best. Think of it that way if you feel guilty for taking time for yourself. 
Be blessed my friends.


Lindah said...

Oh, Angela! How can one person have so many things happen in such a short time??? Would I be crass to say that well,now they're over and done with and out of the way, you can get on with life? oi, I hope all get fixed well and easily.

Now about your health. It is true that God in his grace has allowed some amazing new procedures and new understandings. I thank him for that. Thank you for updating us. Each time I check your blog or read your BPF posts, I wonder how Angela is today. God loves giving us gifts. I'm asking for your healing. And I'm asking that his loving presence will be with you in a special way each moment of the journey. You are special to him. It says so in Psalm 139.

Pat said...

I am sorry about all the bad things that have happened lately to you and the family. But...I do always appreciate your upbeat attitude. I pray all goes well for you with the new doctor, too.

Tudy said...

Wow you did have a week. I hope all goes better from now on. You have my prayers.

Niki said...

what a week! Praying that next week is a peaceful, happy, uneventful one!

Old Jail Artist said...

I'm so sorry life has been so hard on you lately. You have an indomitable spirit in the face of adversity that I admire very much. Hopefully this coming week will be better.

Teresa said...

(((Angela)))) - prayers of course surround you during this time. You have a positive attitude and that will help a lot in your recovery.

Your farmer's market looks like fun. My husband and I used to do the craft show circuit, but never made enough to justify the time that went into it, but we had fun trying.

Kerrie said...

what fun!

Kerrie said...

Angela, I hate to make it 6 things but you should not post comments from the person with oriental symbols. They are sexual and pornographic in nature, you should always delete them. If you turn translater on your page, you will see. I hope this helps! I have blocked these people from my e-mails by copying and pasting their e-mail address into my blocked sender's list. God Bless! K

Laura-IH said...

Oh, Ange! So sorry to hear about all the sad things happening. Is Mark okay after his accident? : (

Your farmers' market booth looks wonderful. You make such pretty things!

Liz said...

Wow! It's times like that, that I say "Don't ask what else can happen?" Hang in there girly. I've got the prayers going for you for all the repairs and even for repairing YOU! ((Hug))

Conni said...

"There is no pit so deep, that God's love is not deeper still."
— Corrie Ten Boom ... I just love this passage of Corrie ten Boom. I remind myself of it often when things seem to mount up around me!

Tazzy said...

Phil Vassar... just another day in paradise!!

Oh my, I've had days like this. I hope it's looking up for you.