Friday, July 10, 2009

Which came first, the liver or the gizard?

Hey does anyone take Ursodiol or Ciclosporin for primary biliary cirrhosis? I am NOT having fun with these medicines. Just wondering if this is the norm. Not getting alot of feedback from the doctors. I realize the options of medicines for me is limited to some extent. My regular pharmacist is on vacay and I miss him. He answers so many more of my questions than any of my doctors.

Anyways. TattingChic is excited to win her prize. Hahaha hope she will be AS happy when she receives it! :o)

Here is a funny on me. I had Toby out to go potty. The older neighbor gentleman speaks hello as he is putting up his lawn mower. I say hello. Toby is still thinking about going to potty. So I am just standing there. Small talk is needed. I ask him if he thinks it is going to rain. AND I stand before God when I say this, the word RAIN was just out of my mouth when it started POURING!!!!! Like buckets from heaven!!! The sun is shining brightly. Toby hates rain, he makes his potty and we are off running to the house. The neighbor is laughing his head off calling, yes sissy I think it is going to rain! It was hilarious. :o) But I still hope to not see him again for a few days. LOLOL

Adding this one in after I posted. Just went down the hall in the dark and something ran across my foot. I am screaming...mousemouseMOUSE! And then the mouse meowed at me. LOL I had forgotten about Timmy. My heart is still racing. And prob his is too! In my defense, I am terrified of mice and it is 3am. That is my story and I am sticking to it. But I cannot wait until he gets a bit bigger. Timmy is getting a collar with a jinglebell on it! And maybe reflective tape. I am just saying.


Pat said...

Hope someone can let you know about the med issues. Poor be scared silly by you thinking he was a mouse and yelling like that! While he is tiny, that would be some HUGE mouse!!!

Teresa said...

Such a cute kitty. I am sorry about your meds and the problems you are having. I am unfamiiar with them.

Lindah said...

What a cute little kitten! Yes, I agree, bells on the cats are a good thing. Saves them from getting stepped on and giving their owner a twisted whatever. Those sound like heavy duty meds. Hope your pharmacist gets back soon. Have you tried googling the meds? Could be helpful. Or not.
Loved your rainy day story. :-)

TattingChic said...

Yes, Angela, I am excited about winning the giveaway apron! In fact I'm so excited that I gave you an award! So, come on over to my blog and get it, s'il vous plait!

While you're there check out the part about YOU and the apron giveaway win...WOO HOO!

That is a funny story about the rain! I totally believe you! I've had stuff like that happen before.

That Timmy is so adorable! Poor lil' guy probably had his heart jump out of his chest when you screamed, LOL! I think a collar with a bell is a great idea...get 'im used to the collar now! LOL!


Robin said...

Wish you luck with your meds Angela! I hope your pharmacist gets back soon! That kitty is just so darn cute! Maybe he'll grow up to be a great mouser and he'll keep all those meeses away from Momma!

Old Jail Artist said...

Angela, I wanted to let you know how thrilled our friends in Lithuania and France were with the little patchwork presents you made. Isabella's boyfriend's mother in particular was fascinated with the details of the design (we gave her the one in tans and dark reds with a heart button). They really were perfect examples of fine Hoosier craftsmanship. Thanks for opening your shop for me!

Liz said...

Poor Ange. Wish the medicines would play nice in your system. I hope things get better.
That was funny about the kitty running across your foot. That's what you get for walking around at 3:00 a.m.! lol

Laura-IH said...

Too funny about the rain. And I total agree--mice are horrible! I have actually stood on a chair and screamed, the classic caricature of a woman who is afraid of mice!