Monday, June 29, 2009


You say puppy bed, we say kitty bed. LOL Course Timmy does have 2 puppies in bed with him. But still. They are not sleeping, they are his personal guard dogs. :o) Isn't that the cutest? I know, only if you are a kitty person. LOL He is adjusting really well. I give him and Toby vistation several times a day. Toby is determined to lick his ears plum off his head. I hold Timmy the entire time. And just let them sniff a bit and then Toby will lay down beside us. He cannot stand the kitty to cry. I have a pet gate across the hallway. This gives Toby hald the house and Lydia the other. So Timmy is on Lydia's side. When the kitty cries, Toby is at the gate barking or whimpering to tell me to do something for that baby. (The top picture is the most acurate in color. I took the second one with the flash off. That dog IS that red and shiny.)

The weather is soooo much better. The wind has blown that awful humidity away. It had gotten so bad. Our daddy is a farmer and has been working out not stop like farmers must. I have hated it for him. He is too old for this kind of weather! But you make hay while the sun shines as the saying goes. And for farmers, that is literally what they do!

This is post 299! Woot! So a give-a-way is next!! Stay tuned for the details. Christie is having one over at her house. I love the reason why. Everyone stay cool!


Pat said...

I'm glad Timmy and Toby are starting to become more comfy with each other...sounds like you are handling their time together well. CUTE photos!

Teresa said... sweet.

Christine said...

Awww, he's adorable!

Laura-IH said...

Aaaawww, it is so sweet that Toby is worried about Timmy. I picture Toby as being very rambunctious, so at first I was worried the he would EAT Timmy! Glad to hear they will be friends! ; )

Robin said...

awww...cute cute CUTE!! And I am not EVEN a kitty person! LOL

TattingChic said...

That kitty is so cute all snuggled up in his puppy bed, LOL! :)