Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More from Retreat

Getting this one ready to quilt and bind. Very pink!

At Retreat everyone brings or donates locally, a cradle quilt for the local Problem Pregnancy Center. There is a huge need for these. Last week I spoke to someone in their office and made my appointment to drop off our collection. The lady on the phone was so excited. Said they were in great need of all sizes. But they also needed special ones for preemies. Smaller than normal size, very soft and no batting (because the weight would be too much for the tiny babies). I hurried and whipped up 2 with Minkee centers over the weekend. And she also told me of another need. This one broke my heart. The local hospital needs bereavement blankies for babies born too early. This is the last picture above. They need something tiny to wrap the wee babies in. I used what Minkee I had, which was all pink and made 10 1/2-inch squares. Sewed them together and bagged them out. Did a simple straight stitch around to hold the front and back together. Will be picking up white and blue Minkee when I can. I made 6 of the pink ones. This is the softest fabric and I couldn't help thinking of the babies skin being even softer. The parents will have something to keep.

Goodies I collected at Retreat! Peanut from Robin, the sewing angel from Connie and my mini quilt I won in the draw from Liz.

Fabric basket from Liz (I loaded it up quickly.) and woolfelt pincushion from Peggy. I still have more to post. Not everything was in my playhouse for the photo op. LOL


Pat said...

You have a kind heart to do those blankets for the center and for the preemies who don't make it. That is very sad...but it is something the parents will have, as you said, as a remembrance of the little bit of time they had their angels with them. On a happier note, I love the things you got at retreat...WOW....you did WELL there!

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh my goodness is that little elephant adorable!!! Everything is just so cute really! :)

Laura-IH said...

Your baby quilts turned out so nice. I never thought about preemies needed special blankets. Poor little sweeties. You are so kind.